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Size doesn't matter

In the world of prom dresses we have all become consumed with the all mighty number of SIZE. In the twenty five years I have been in business sizes have been manipulated like everything else in this world. I have seen girls come and go and no matter what size she thinks she is it's never what she ends up getting. Size is ONLY A NUMBER it means absolutely nothing when it comes to who we are as a person or what size we end up buying at the end of the day. Since prom design are made in China the patterns are based on Chinese sizes WHAT you say that makes no sense we are not made like Chinese women, of course not, we are wonderful all sized American young girls who come in all shapes and sizes. With that being said, rather you wear a double zero or a size thirty two nothing seems like what reality dictates. Designers don't take in to account our bodies only the pattern that fits the size. Depending on how the dress is made, where it hits on the body, or who designed the dress and even material it all changes the size of the dress. We have let society dictate what size we should be WHY? what does it matter really, no one goes to a dance and screams out what size they bought. So why do young girls get so upset when they believe they wear one size but end up trying on other sizes, because society says so? be unique be yourself don't make sizing an issue and believe that's who you are. You are as unique as your personality, your kindness, your love for life. When it comes to finding the perfect prom dress, be open with sizes, have fun, try on different styles and remember size Doesn't Matter.

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